Top 15 Trends in Online Gaming to Watch

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The digital gaming industry is slowly evolving and growing. There was a big growth spurt in 2020, partly due to the covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. During that time, people turned to online gaming to get entertained indoors. Although the pandemic is slowly winding down, the industry is continuing to boom among players. Some of the digital gaming trends include;


The rise in Esports will lead to the release of more ESport compatible games.

Better games and remakes

There will be remastered games with better graphics and quality. Many more games will be remade from series and films.

Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality will grow to become mainstream in the years to come. This will be due to newer and more powerful consoles that can handle VR

Mobile gaming

The mobile gaming industry has continued to grow in revenue and will become bigger and better in 2022.

Growth of Cryptocurrencies

More people are using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and dogecoin in digital games.

Video game streaming

Video game streaming is growing every day. In the past, people wanted to hold the controls and play the games but nowadays many enjoy watching the professional gamers play. This trend is likely to grow, with the number of live streamers increasing as well.


There has been a boom in online gambling and the number will only continue to increase as more people have access to online casino Australia games.

Cloud gaming

The industry got $1 million in 2018 and it is predicted that the cloud gaming industry will grow to $8 million by 2025.

Socializing within games

More games will begin incorporating social aspects in their gaming experiences. Moreover, there will be more gaming communities in future.

Ultra-realistic graphics

There will be a growth in high-fidelity games that have advanced 3D graphics, ultra-high graphics, and gameplay with high requirements for GPU.

Gamers in creation

Consumer input and gamer-generated content will be given more value, especially in terms of game creation.

Better gaming consoles

Newer technology will be used to create better gaming consoles, enabling better graphics, audio, and sound quality.

More inclusivity in games

Today, gaming is international and everyone wants the main characters to represent the diverse cultures and physical appearances out there. In the future, there will be more inclusivity in games.

Gamification of work

There will be a rise in the gamification of day-to-day tasks to actively engage the employees and keep them on their toes.

Self-care games

More creative games that promote mental health and help with real-world problems will be created.

Gamers are lucky because there are so many trends that will be incorporated into digital games to improve the user experience and enjoyment. There will be better gaming consoles, more inclusivity in games, gamification of work, and the creation of more self-help games that cater to our mental and physical needs.


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Top 15 Trends in Online Gaming to Watch

The digital gaming industry is slowly evolving and growing. There was a big growth spurt in 2020, partly due to the covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. D...

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