What Types of Jobs Are Currently Trending in Australia?

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In every part of the country, things are getting better, and tens of thousands of new job opportunities are being created daily. Jobs like those described here, which are in high demand today and in the future because of the multiple chances they present, are among the best ones in Australia right now. For those who have the requisite training and abilities, there are several opportunities for employment in Australia.

High-demand occupations in Australia should be more plentiful in the future, giving you more opportunities to put your skills to use. In order to land a long-term career in Australia, it is important to know what jobs are in demand there. This list of the seven most in-demand careers in Australia in 2022 is a great resource for job seekers. We've compiled a list of the most sought-after and trending jobs in various industries for your perusal.

1. Software Developer

There are loads of openings for skilled software engineers around Australia. With a strong portfolio of software development skills, you'll be able to find work with a wide range of businesses, from manufacturers to healthcare providers. Salary ranges from $51K to $100K per year.

2. Project Manager

Having a project manager on your team can have a positive impact on the success of any business in Australia. If you're building an Australia casino, a project manager can help. To ensure that projects are completed on schedule, within budget, and according to scope, project managers are in charge of overseeing their staff.

There are a variety of roles that project managers can play, from IT and web development companies to marketing companies. Even as the job market continues to rebound, the prospects for this career are excellent. Salary of a project manager ranges from $61,000 to $160,000 per year.

3. General Laborer

General laborers do anything from demolition and construction to landscaping, which opens up a wide range of career options for them. In Australia, construction and property management firms offer a wide range of high-paying, physically demanding jobs, and there are lots of chances around the country. You can get a yearly salary of $41,600 to $71,000 as a general laborer.

4. Dentists

If you're looking for a job in the medical field in Australia, consider a career in dentistry. Dentists have great potential in the work field since individuals will always need to have their teeth examined and cared for by specialists. Dentists make between $69,000 and $160,000 per year.

5. Civil Engineer

With increasing infrastructure issues and expectations, there is a rising need for civil engineers with the necessary skills and experience. Jobs in civil engineering are plentiful for anyone with a background in the field and a desire to work in Australia. In addition, there are a number of entry-level civil engineering positions available for fresh graduates. Salary ranges from A$62K to A$110K per year for a civil engineer.

6. Plumber

Plumbing is one of the most in-demand professions in Australia and around the world. A qualified plumber who can work on both residential and commercial premises is constantly in demand. As a certified plumber in Australia, you'll be in high demand if you've completed the training or plan to do so in the near future. A plumber's annual salary might range from $58K to $84K.

7. Accountant

No matter how big or small a company is, a competent accountant always has a place in their team. Individuals might also seek the assistance of accountants to better manage their own money. There are a lot of work opportunities for accountants in Australia because of the wide range of tasks they can perform. For an accountant, the annual salary range is between A$50,000 and A$160,000.


What Types of Jobs Are Currently Trending in Australia?

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