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Tips and Tricks for Walking in Heels

Not everyone appreciates the skill that it takes to walk with confidence and grace in a pair of heels, especially very high heels. There’s some controversy in high-heeled shoes, but their power and impact are impossible to deny. It’s really to make a statement with stiletto heels since they’re often the ultimate “wow” factor in the world of footwear, with strong designer names attached.

But if you’re relatively new to the world of heels, what are some tips for walking more confidently and gracefully in heels? The following should work for anyone who needs some help in heels, whether it’s your first time or if you’ve worn them before but still feel a bit wobbly.

Tip 1: Heel, Toe, Heel, Toe

The first critical trick to master is the heel-toe-heel-toe motion that you need to make your heel walk look more natural. If you’ve always worn flats, the trickiest thing about heels is not being able to put your whole foot down at once. If you notice the way you normally walk, you’ll find that the heel generally goes first anyway, but it’s a lot more pronounced and deliberate when you’re walking in heels.

Practice that movement of heel, toe, heel, toe when walking and you’ll find that you get the knack of it a lot faster. Don’t push yourself too hard, though, which brings us neatly onto the next point.

Tip 2: Start with Small Steps

You’ve likely heard the expression don’t run before you can walk. This saying applies even more so in the world of wearing heels. When heels are new to you and/or you are still practicing, then you should take it slow. Master the movements we described above with smaller, controlled steps. Don’t think you can just pop on a pair of stunning stiletto shoes and just walk perfectly in them. It takes time and patience.

Even when you take the heels out in public, take things a bit slower. Sometimes, a slow walk can also exude confidence and grace anyway, so don’t feel like you’re in a rush and don’t be pressured by other people rushing around you. Take your time, it’s not a race!

Tip 3: Get a Slight Backwards Lean

When people first try heels, they often attempt to walk at their normal pace but can’t. The result is the body naturally gains a forward lean with the neck craning to compensate and regain balance. Naturally, this looks rather awkward, but it can be mitigated if you just lean back every so slightly when walking in heels. It’s very slight and perhaps not noticeable to others but you should feel it. The backwards lean counteracts that desire to lean forwards, and looks more natural.

Tip 4: Maximise Comfort

Despite what some people say, many high-heeled shoes can be comfortable, just so long as wearers choose shoes that fit well with their feet. If you’re going to wear heels, especially for long periods such as at work or when attending a long party for the whole evening, comfort is absolutely essential. It’s no lie that there are potential foot health problems that can occur when people force their feet into poorly fitting shoes, especially high heels.

These issues, however, are not inevitable and can be mitigated by choosing heels with the right shape and contours for your feet. If you can’t feel comfortable in heels, then you shouldn’t wear them. Always prioritise comfort over other things when it comes to shoes, no matter what fancy designer label is attached to them.

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Tips and Tricks for Walking in Heels

Not everyone appreciates the skill that it takes to walk with confidence and grace in a pair of heels, especially very high heels. There’s some co...

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