Cheaper Alternative to Sydney’s Biggest Big Attractions

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Sydney is one of the biggest cities in Australia and has numerous big tourist attractions. While Sydney is a great place to be, it may cost you a fortune if you want to see big attractions. This article will let you know some cheaper alternatives to Sydney’s biggest attractions. Here you go:

Walk on the Bondi beach

Bondi beach is one of the most exotic places in Australia. Bodi to Coogee walk is one of the best walks you will go on. It is covered with rocks to enjoy the view. It is one of the most Instagram-worthy beaches. You will find several shops where you can sit and relax with a cup of coffee. Also, meals from local shops are super cheap and tasty.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you are going to Sydney for the first time, one of the things to see on your list should be the Harbour Bridge. The magnificent Harbour Bridge is a sight to the sore eyes as it glows when the sun hits it. It is surrounded by a water body, luscious green parks, and walking pedestrians. You can go for long walks and simply enjoy seeing the locals. It is also perfect if you want to gamble online through There are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops nearby where you can indulge in food while watching the serene view.

Live Music at Opera Bar

Opera bar is another tourist attraction that you must visit in Sydney. It can cost you a lot of money if you decide to go inside the Opera House. However, the area around Opera Bar is perfect as you get to meet a lot of local tourists there. The live music session happens in the afternoon and the morning every weekend. You can have a great time if you buy a drink and quietly watch people have a great time.

Royal National Park

Do you like to be surrounded by nature and feel alive amid greenery? If you are a nature enthusiast, Royal National Park is a must-visit place. The tickets are not expensive, and you get to hike for 100 kilometres. Apart from seeing a lot of trees, greenery, and forest trails, you also find a pathway to the beach. Many camping outbound are present there, and it is also a perfect spot for a picnic.

Sydney is an expensive city, but you can perform many budget-friendly activities if you try. There is a lot to explore, exotic food to try and sights to see. Hence, if you plan to come to Sydney, you must go to one of the destinations we have suggested.




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Cheaper Alternative to Sydney’s Biggest Big Attractions

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