The Top 6 Trending Hobbies for 2022

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Going into 2022, a lot has changed in our daily lives. One of those changes is the things we do when we have plenty of free time - hobbies. When you ask yourself what your hobbies are in 2019, are they the same as the ones you have at the moment? Definitely not.

Below are the top trending hobbies for 2022:

Taking Care of Plants

Because of the health protocols of staying home as much as possible, people have leaned toward bringing nature inside their homes. There has been a sudden rise of demand for home plants in 2020 that is continuously rising until today. It’s like having a pet but less noise and the cost of maintenance.

Collecting CDs

This hobby has been there since the beginning but because of the booming music industry right now, it became more popular than ever. In collecting CDs, it is suggested that you don’t just buy the latest releases. Try digging online and purchase the classics that you love listening to.

Doing DIYs

We all realized during the times we’re in that there are things we buy before that can be done at home. Some examples are home decor, arts and crafts, and more. If you have free time, you can start making a DIY project that you will continue making whenever you’re free. This will put your creative skills to good use.

Engaging in Online Casinos

Another trending hobby for 2022 is playing in online casinos. Instead of going to popular casinos in your area, you just need to open your phone or laptop to join. In Australia, online casinos had their big break making hundreds of thousands of gamblers and players log in every single day. But you need to be wary about the website you want to play in. You can check legitimate directories to see the best Australian online casino that fits your wants and needs.

Learning How to Dance

It’s not too late for you to learn how to move those hips and two left feet. You don’t need to go to a dance studio to learn to dance. There are various tutorials on YouTube and TikTok that you can check out for simple steps. Remember to have fun and don’t worry about not getting into the rhythm right away.

Making Pots From Clays

Last but not least, a hobby that you need to get into this year is pottery. Learning a new skill regularly is a big must for individuals to grow. Making pots and vases through pottery will contribute not just to your skill list but also to your sanity. The process is very messy and tedious but when you successfully make one, it’s very rewarding.


The Top 6 Trending Hobbies for 2022

Going into 2022, a lot has changed in our daily lives. One of those changes is the things we do when we have plenty of free time - hobbies. When y...

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