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What Are The Most Popular Sports in Australia?

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A survey from McCrindle, a market research website, found that 80% of Aussies agree that various sports activities play a significant role in their lives. For these people, watching and playing sports is like a religion. Just like visiting the best online casinos websites, sports can be addictive.

Betting for a team or a solo athlete produces enough endorphins to keep society interested. Whether you’re a youngster who wants to play in the Olympics in the future or a sports fan who likes watching their favourite athletes, read ahead. Here are the topmost sought-after sports activities in the continent:


Swimming not only increases your stamina, but it’s also a life-saving skill. If you’re a beachgoer, it’s better to learn the basics of this skill and practice it. If you master it, this sport can be your profession.

Aussies thrived in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ Swimming competition. Here’s a list of the swimming gold medalists:

  • Kaylee Mckeown

  • Ariarne Titmus

  • Izaac Stubblety-Cook

  • Emma McKeon

Australian Football

Most children like playing football because it’s both challenging and fun. For Aussies, it’s more than just a pastime. They call their men’s national team ‘Socceroos’.

Since football demands extreme foot control, it gives its players and viewers enough adrenaline rush. Therefore, the complexities of this sport are enough reason to build its fans in Australia.

Here are four of the most-watched football games in the Australian Football League:

  • Essendon vs. Collingwood with 1.587 million viewers

  • Adelaide vs. Sydney with 1.393 million viewers

  • Geelong vs. Adelaide with 1.251 million viewers

  • Greater Western Sydney vs. Western Bulldogs

Rugby League

Although Rugby is a challenging sport that is difficult to understand initially, it still invokes fun within families and friends. With 3,176,561 viewers and 15,804 people in attendance, Rugby League is one of the most popular sports in Australia. Unlike other sports, this activity runs faster, adding to the higher adrenaline rush.

Here’s a list of the most viewed Australian rugby championships:

  • Parramatta vs. South Sydney with 13.9 million viewers

  • Sydney vs. Melbourne with 1.696 million viewers

  • Melbourne vs. Brisbane with 1.183 million viewers

  • Melbourne with 593,000 viewers

  • South Sydney with 584,000 viewers

  • North Queensland with 575,000 viewers


The whole game of cricket is entertaining because everyone gets an opportunity to pick their favourites. The cricket sport attracted 1,212,696 spectators during the Big Bash League, and the 2019 International Cricket Council World Cup held in England gained 380,000 viewers during the Australia versus Pakistan match.

The Marketing Intelligence Company (MiQ), a media partner for agencies and marketers, found that advertisers have five opportunities daily to reach Australian cricket fans. Anything related to the World Cup gets actively searched whenever professional Australian cricket athletes play. Cricket is considered one of the most popular sports in Down Under.

Honourable Mentions

Don't fret if you reached the end of this article and still haven’t found your favourite sport. Here are five honourable mentions in the name of Australian sports:

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Netball Golf

  • Motorsport

  • Horseback Riding

Key Takeaway

Most Aussies attribute their life to the sports they watch and play. Although these sports activities are hard to understand initially, you can learn their rules by searching them online. Who knows? Maybe you can be the next Olympics athlete from Australia in the future.


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