The Best 5 Museums in South Australia

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South Australia has many museums and art galleries scattered throughout the area. You need to visit at least one of the many museums in the area to get a wholesome and rich travelling experience here. Some great museums to visit include;

Art Gallery of South Australia

This gallery has a whopping 40,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, sketches, photographs, textiles and designs from different parts of the universe. Unsurprisingly, there are over 750,000 visitors who come to see the exhibits annually, showing how significant this museum is to people. Moreover, the building is very beautiful and is situated near the University of Adelaide.

South Australian Museum

This museum has five floors filled with the largest collection of unique artefacts showcasing the Australian aboriginal culture. It also has specimens, artefacts and fossils. Rare fossils in the vicinity include a six-metre long snake and a leaf-eating kangaroo. The ground floor is loved by kids because of the full-sized animals originating from different parts of the world, including tigers, bears, a giant squid and monkeys. Other galleries in the vicinity showcase ancient Egypt artefacts, south Australian biodiversity, dolphins and whales.

There are many other museums in South Australia such as the Bay Discovery Centre Museum, Museum of Economic Botany and the Ayers House Museum. Apart from visiting museums, there are other interesting things to do such as visiting pristine beaches, many other tourist attraction sites and playing interesting games on online casinos to unwind and relax after an eventful day.

South Australian Maritime Museum

The museum has three floors that highlight the maritime history of South Australia. You will see how people used to travel using ships centuries ago and explore the Port River Dolphins. They add temporary exhibitions throughout the year and also have activities for children during school holidays. You can also climb the Port Adelaide Lighthouse near the vicinity.

Migration Museum

The museum is situated inside a bluestone building which was developed during the colonial era. The building used to be a school for indigenous children and a destitute asylum but was later turned into a museum that focuses on immigration history and settlement. There are many artefacts and objects that are used to tell stories about the many migrant communities in the area. The main aim of the institution is to promote inclusivity and diversity in the region.

National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum was opened in 1970 but was relocated to the current location back in 1988. It has more than 100 exhibits that showcase and highlight the history of the state railway history and operations. You will see old carriages, locomotives, wartime displays and other historical artefacts such as signs, signals and whole stations. The travellers can board steam engine cabs, walk through the ancient carriages and learn about the locomotive history of the country.



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The Best 5 Museums in South Australia

South Australia has many museums and art galleries scattered throughout the area. You need to visit at least one of the many museums in the area t...

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